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Conveying the ideas and vision to others through project drawings is the last step before construction begins.  Drawings and specifications are prepared which describe the building both in plan, elevation and detail.  They include the structural, mechanical, electrical  and plumbing systems.  Materials are specified from roofing down to door knobs. Clear and concise documents make for "clean"  bids from contractors, minimize delays and projects built within the client's budget.  



  • Develop Construction Documents for bidding & permits.
  • Maintain integrity of design down to details.
  • Coordination of other disciplines for integrated building systems.
  • Oversee construction work.



  • Developed construction documents for small (thousand dollar) to large (multi- million dollar) projects.
  • Managed numerous public projects as Owner staff.
  • Former union carpenter and contractor.
  • Team builder for successful projects.

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